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Yoshiteru Aoi
Assistant Professor
Investigations of nitrifying bacteria in biofilm communities and its application to wastewater treatment processes.
Daniel J. Arp
Investigations at the genome level of bacteria involved in nitrification.
Emma Aronson
Incoming Assistant Professor
Soil microbial ecology of trace greenhouse gas (GHG) cycles. Climate and environmental change factors (drought, N deposition) impacts on upland soil microbial communities and GHG fluxes, including methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide.
Alfredo Anceno
Research Scientist
Nitrogen removal via the nitrite shortcut; Nitrification in engineered and natural ecosystems; Microbial aspects of environmental engineering; Environmental biotechnology; Valorization of industrial and agricultural wastes; Wastewater treatment and energy cogeneration; Bionanotechnology in environmental engineering; Environmental diagnostics and health risk assessment.
Elizabeth Baggs
NERC Adv. Res. Fellow
Soil biogeochemistry, soil microbiology, N2O production in soil, plant-soil interactions.
Michael Beman
Assistant Professor
Nitrogen cycling and microbial community structure in coastal ecosystems.
Anne E. Bernhard
Assitant Professor
Nitrification in estuaries and salt marshes. Ammonia oxidizers community structure and function in coastal systems.
Annette Bollmann
Assistant Professor
Physiology and ecology of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria.
Stuart Borrett
Assistant Professor
Processes that create, constrain, and sustain ecological systems. Ecosystem theory, applying the theory to real world problems, and creating analytical tools for scientists.The effect of sea level rise on the nitrogen cycle in estuarine systems.
Physiology and ecology of bacteria that inhabit the surface and subsurface soil environment, and especially those bacteria involved in the nitrogen cycle and biodegradation of xenobiotic compounds.
Fiona P. Brennan
Research Scientist
Soil biogeochemistry, soil microbiology, Nutrient cycling in agricultural systems, Microbial community dynamics in soils and animal slurries, Ecology of functional microbial communities in soil.
Aurelio M. Briones
Assistant Professor
Environmental microbiology relevant to dairy waste management (manure, composting, anaerobic digestion); environmental contaminants; soil biogeochemistry.
Mary Ann Bruns
Associate Professor
Microbial populations responsible for nitrogen transformations in soils. Edaphic factors related to AOB and AOA diversity. Responses of AOA and AOB to agricultural management. Roles of nitrifiers in greenhouse gas fluxes from soils. Measuring functional gene transcripts in soils.
Ken Calvert
Research Scientist
Byproducts from coffee wastes. Improving soil fertility with dairy effluent.
Biogeochemistry, Diversity-function, Forest soils, Caves, Catchment, Biological indicators of soil quality, Soil processes.
Julian Carrera
Associate Professor
Nitrification in engineered systems. Nitrification via nitrite. Nitrification in aerobic granules and its application to wastewater treatment systems.
Karen L. Casciotti
Assistant Scientist
Marine nitrogen cycle, genetics and physiology of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria, biological control of trace gas production, biology of isotope fractionation, mechanistic modeling of biological isotope fractionation, evolution of biogeochemical cycles.
Patrick Chain
Biomedical Scientist
Genomics, bioinformatics, molecular microbiology, comparative genomics, molecular evolution, and regulatory networks, microbial phylogenetics, the contribution of lateral transfer to shaping bacterial genomes and the bacterial species concept.
Kartik Chandran
Assistant Professor
Environmental and public health microbiology, environmental biotechnology, microbial ecology of engineered biological waste and water treatment reactors, development and application of novel biokinetic estimation tools, elucidation of microbial biochemical degradation pathways, bioprocess modeling and parameter identification for complex biotransformations.
Javier Claros
Research Scientist
Nitrogen cycling; Nitrogen removal by N-D via Nitrite; Control processes in wastewater treatment plants; Simulation and mathematical modeling of nitrification and denitrification; Microbiology of AOB and NOB; wastewater streams with high ammonia concentrations.
Holger Daims
Assistant Professor
Nitrification and N-cycle microbes in engineered and natural ecosystems; ecophysiology and genomics of nitrite oxidizers; biological wastewater treatment; molecular and imaging techniques for studying uncultured microorganisms.
Hongyue Dang
Marine geomicrobiology of N biogeochemical cycling; Environmental and molecular microbiology; Microbe-mediated metal corrosion in marine environment and oil industry.
José R. de la Torre
Assistant Professor
Physiology, diversity, ecology and evolution of ammonia oxidizing archaea.
Mike Dempsey
Managing Director
Nitrification of water and wastewater; microbial physiology; microbial adhesion; development of expanded and fluidized bed bioprocesses; development of bioprocess monitoring and control strategies.
Leon Downing
Nitrification in biofilms; wastewater nitrification; GHG emissions from nitrification/denitrification processes; simulataneous nitrification and denitrification is wastewater systems.
Rebecca Ferrell
Nitrification in constructed sewage treatment wetlands. Characterization of nitrifiers from the environment.
Chris Francis
Associate Professor
Molecular, biochemical, and ecological aspects of the microbial geochemical cycling of nitrogen and metals in the environment.
Dennis Glaze
Curator of Animal Husbandry
Understanding nitrification within the aquarium environment - how best to establish nitrifying bacterial colonies; how best to maintain these colonies; and how best to prevent aquarist from destroy these colonies..
David Graham
Biogeochemistry and in situ methane oxidation. Fate and migration of antibiotic resistance genes and organisms in receiving waters and sediments. Energy minimization of industrial and domestic waste treatment. Engineering biology and non-linear dynamics. Biogeography of functional genes in nutrient-cycling in urban landscapes.
Newcastle University
United Kingdom
Ramesh Goel
Assistant Professor
General nutrient removal, bacteriophages, biomass reduction and estrogen degradation.
Jun Gong
Microbial ecology of nitrification in coastal soil and nearshore marine habitats.
Ji-Dong Gu
Associate Professor
Nitrogen transformation in the environment.
Didem Güven
Associate Professor
Biological nitrogen removal from wastewater,anammox, nitrification and denitrification processes.
Ji-Zheng He
Structure and distribution of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea in different types of soils and their responses to changed soil conditions.
Microbial oceanography, geochemistry.
William J. Hickey
Soil microbiology and biochemistry.
Yi-Guo Hong
Associate Professor
Micorobial Oceanography on the anaerobic ammonia oxidation (anammox),ammonia oxidation of archaea (AOA) and anaerobic oxidation methane (AOM) in the South China sea and mangrove wetland.
Jung-Ho Hyun
C, N, Mn and S cycles and related microbial function in the water column and sediment in coastal and oceanic environments.
James T. Hollibaugh
Biology and microbial ecology of marine ammonia oxidizing Thaumarchaea. Microbial geochemistry of metalloids including As, Sb and Se.
Alan B. Hooper
Microbial Biochemistry; Redox Proteins; N-Oxidation; Microbial Detoxification.
Jun Huang
Heterotrophic nitrifiers, mechanism of nitrification and denitrification, application of bacteria in wastewater treatment.
Merja Itävaara
Associate Professor
Deep subsurface microbial ecology. Carbon cycling and nitrogen cycles in deep subsurfaces.
Mike S.M. Jetten
Professor, Director
Ecology and physiology of (anaerobic) micro-organisms, anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox), nitrogen and sulfur conversion, physiological role of redox enzymes, application of bacteria, phylogeny of micro-organisms, C1 metabolism, compartimentation in prokaryotes, amino acid production.
Zhongjun Jia
Ecology and Evolution of soil nitrifying communities.
Matthew D. Kane
Program Director
The diversity, ecology, systematics, evolution, physiology and comparative genomics of microorganisms, microbial consortia and communities.
Martin Klotz
Molecular evolution of bacterial genes, gene clusters and genomes that participate in the nitrogen cycle and confer oxidative stress tolerance.
Keisuke Koba
Associate Professor
Terrestrial nitrogen cycle, anaerobic nitrogen cycle, nitrification, denitrification, anammox, 15N-18O tracer methodologies, isotopic fractionation during nitrification, abiotic immobilization of nitrate in soil, ammonium competition among plants, heterotrophic soil microbes and autotrophic ammonia oxidizers, N2O production via nitrification, N2O isotope/isotopomer.
Martin Könneke
Research Scientist
Ecology, physiology and biochemistry of ammonia-oxidizing archaea.
Ariel Kushmaro
Assistant Professor
Nitrogen removal in wastewater, Nitrification in coral, and Archaeal ammonia oxidation.
Phyllis Lam
Associate Professor
Marine nitrogen cycling nitrification microbial biogeochemistry.
Hendrikus J. Laanbroek
Professor, Director
Microbial Ecology. The role of microbial diversity in geochemical cycles. Ammonia-oxidising bacteria.
The Netherlands
Frank W. Larimer
Professor (Research)
Microbial genomics, with emphasis on genome structure: operon, regulon, and supra-regulon organization; genome organization; and genome evolution.
Jih-Gaw Lin
Simultaneous partial nitrification, anaerobic ammonium oxidation and denitrification (SNAD) in a wastewater treatment plant.
Ellen Lauchnor
Assistant Professor
Kinetics and inhibition of ammonia oxidation by AOB in suspended and biofilm cultures. Evaluating the inhibition and toxicity of hydrocarbon contaminants in nitrifying wastewater biofilms using microsensors. Enrichment and detection of anammox bacteria in constructed wetland systems.
Yang Liu
Associate Professor
Engineered systems, bioreactors for wastewater treatment, main-stream and side-stream ammonia removal, partial nitrification and Anammox processes.
Jayasree Loka
Senior Scientist
Marine microbes, nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria.
Nancy G. Love
Professor and Chair
Ammonia oxidizer-directed biotransformation, and the stress responses in and ecological dynamics of ammonia oxidizers and nitrite oxidizers.
N. J. Manju
Senior Research Fellow
Microbiology of nitrification. Microbial ecology of marine nitrification. Comammox and Anammox processes.
David Myrold
Soil microbial ecology, nitrogen cycling in soils, linkages between microbial community structure and function in soils.
Tatsunori Nakagawa
Assistant Professor
Nitrifying archaea, Ammonia and nitrite oxidizing bacteria, microbial ecology,Nitrification in marine and soil.
Ali Nejidat
Associate Professor
Nitrification in arid ecosystems, microbial ecology, soil microbial ecology, nitrifiers diversity and abundance, denitrification, applied microbiology.
Graeme Nicol
Advanced Research Fellow
Soil microbiology, diversity and ecology of ammonia oxidising archara and bacteria, nitrification in soil.
Soil microbiology. Nitrification. Genomics.
Satoshi Okabe
Associate Professor
Ecology and physiology of autotrophic nitrifying biofilms. Water Quality Control Engineering.
Hee-Deung Park
Assistant Professor
Environmental biotechnology.
Soo-Je Park
Assistant Professor
Nitrification, ammonia oxidation, AOA, metagenomics, genomics, microbial ecology, environmental microbiology, nitrite oxidation, NOB, marine microbiology.
Lars-Flemming Pedersen
Research Scientist
Aquaculture, recirculating systems, biofilter performance, kinetics, water treatment and use of sanitizers/disinfectants and associated effects on nitrification. Evaluation of media specific nitrification, TAN removal and nitrite build-up.
Hoa Pham
Research Scientist
The nitrogen cycle in marine aquaculture; microbiology.
Rebecca L Phillips
Research Associate
Ecosystem ecology, Biogeochemistry, Denitrification.
Franck Poly
Research Scientist
Physiology, diversity, ecology of nitrite oxidizing bacteria in soil.
Jonathan Pressman
Research Scientist
Drinking water distribution system nitrification.
James Prosser
Molecular evolution of bacterial genes, gene clusters and genomes that participate in the nitrogen cycle and confer oxidative stress tolerance.
Tyler Radniecki
Assistant Professor
Ammonia oxidizing bacteria, ammonia oxidizing archaea, biological nutrient removal, molecular biology, biosensors, nanoparticle toxicity, and biofilm.
Environmental biotechnology, biological treatment of drinking water and wastewater.
Luis Sayavedra-Soto
Professor (Research)
Molecular biology, biochemistry and physiology of microorganisms in the nitrogen cycle.
Christa Schleper
Stress response in hyperthermophilic archaea; development of genetic tools for hyperthermophiles, biodiversity and ecology of archaea, environmental genomics: developing tools for the study of uncultivated archaea and bacteria
Carsten U. Schwermer
Aquateam's employee
Nitrification, denitrification, anaerobic sludge digestion, coupling of nitrogen and sulfur cycles, microsensors, oil field ecology and biogeochemistry, microbial biofilms, corrosion.
Neil Seeger
Nitrification bacteria, spore-forming bacteria, wastewater treatment products, fish hatcheries, bacillus species.
Industry: RPM LLC
Holly M. Simon
Assistant Professor
Microbial interactions and ecology; environmental genomics; ecophysiology of mesophilic Crenarchaeota.
Interaction between aerobic and anaerobic ammonium oxidation, molecular ecology and biotechnology, interaction between autotrophic nitrifiers and heterotrophs, intermediates in nitrification/denitrification, N removal biofilms, redox gradients, interaction between nitrifiers and trace organic pollutants, greenhouse gasses, process kinetics.
Richard L. Smith
Research Scientist
Carbon and nitrogen cycling processes in aquatic environments, biogeochemistry, groundwater microbiology, nitrification, denitrification.
Nitrification/denitrification reactor design. Bioaugmentation.
Bongkeun Song
Assistant Professor
Anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox), nitrification, codenitrification and denitrification.
Eva Spieck
Assistant Professor
Ammonia and nitrite oxidizing bacteria, nitrifying archaea, taxonomy and physiology, microbial ecology, nitrification in extreme habitats
David A. Stahl
General Microbial Ecology; Applied Microbial Ecology; Microbial Evolution and Systematics
Lisa Y. Stein
Associate Professor
Molecular physiology and ecology of ammonia and methane oxidizing bacteria. Influence of microbial metabolism on greenhouse gas production.
Sung-Keun Rhee
Associate Professor
Archaeal nitrification; anaerobic respiration.
Yuichi Suwa
Analysis of total microbial community structure and predominant nitrifying population in nitrifying activated sudges by molecular methods
Marc Strous
Assistant Professor
Physiology, ecology and evolution of chemolithoautotrophs and planctomycetes. Relation between biochemistry, cell biology, and ecological niche (for bacteria). Applications of micro-organisms in solving environmental problems
Akihiko Terada
Assistant Professor
Linking microbial ecology and nitrification (or partial ammonia oxidation) performance of engineered systems like activated sludge and biofilm reactors.
Eric Tripplet
Professor and Chair
The regulation of the abundance and diversity of ammonia oxidizing archaea.
Hidetoshi Urakawa
Associate Professor
Ecology and physiology of nitrifiers.
Ocean Research Institute
The University of Tokyo, Japan
Gopi V. Venkatachalam
Staff Government Agency
Identification of nitrifying bacteria and denitrifying bacteria from brackishwater and ponds.
Michael Wagner
Identity and ecophysiology of microorganisms within selected environmental systems and their interactions among each other and with eukaryotes.
Bess Ward
Microbial Ecology, Oceanography, Geochemistry.
Jiapeng Wu
Assistant Professor
Anammox vs Dennitrification in sediments of Pearl River Estuary and Daya Bay mangrove.
Xin Yu
Biological treatment for drinking water, especially the technology and mechanism to remove ammonia from source water.
Chuanlun Zhang
Associate Professor
Geomicrobiology and biogeochemistry of Archaea.
Associate Professor
Population of aerobic and anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing microorganisms.
Norjan Yusof
Research Scientist
Biological nitrogen removal from wastewater via nitrification, denitrification and anammox.
Wastewater treatment, nitrification after anaerobic treatment.
Ecology of estuarine nitrogen cycling.
Microbial Ecology of wastewater treatment plants, Anammox, Characterization of unculturable microbial population by NSG techniques.
Diversity and Ecological roles of archaeal and bacterial ammonia oxidizers in the nitrogen cycle.
Relating soil microbial diversity to function. Molecular microbial ecology, climate change, biogeochemistry, sustainable food production/ agriculture.
Soil nitrification in New Zealand grazed pastures; Climate change; Nitrification inhibitors; Nitrifiers.
New Zealand
Metabolic engineering and synthetic biology.
Genomics of nitrifying bacteria.
Antibiotic resistance, pathogens, nitrification under stress, algae.
Ecology and evolution of aerobic respiration. Evolution of the nitrogen cycle. Physiology and ecology of AOB and AOA. Heme-copper oxidoreductase superfamily.
Ecophysiology, biochemistry and proteomics of aerobic and anaerobic ammonium oxidizing bacteria. Application of these processes in nutrient removal from wastewater streams.
University of Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Molecular tools to investigate the abundance, function and diversity of nitrogen-cycling archaea and bacteria in sediments.
Genomics, ecophysiology, and evolution of nitrite oxidizing bacteria; nitrification in natural and engineered systems.
Diversity, ecophysiology and cultivation of microorganisms, microbial biogeochemistry.
The role of mesophilic crenarchaea in soil nitrification.
Nitrification in engineered systems. Grazing pressures on nitrifies.
Chemolithoautotrophic nitrification, effect of pH on marine nitrification, ammonia oxidation.
Soil Biogeochemistry. Nitrification in perturbed environments. Interactions between C and N cycles.
Molecular ecology and physiology of nitrifying bacteria and archaea in marine systems.
Ecological roles of planktonic archaeal and bacterial ammonia oxidizers in the marine/oceanic nitrogen cycle.
I study how nutrients (especially N & P) & carbon flow through forest ecosystems and which is the impact of human activity on the cycles, primarily on nitrogen retention and C-N(P) cycle interactions. I use field observations in combination with field and lab manipulative experiments (bio-chemical soil analyses, stable isotopes, ion resins etc.)
Separating the ammonia-oxidizing activities of bacteria and archaea in soils
Genomics, bioinformatics, molecular microbiology, comparative genomics and regulatory networks.
Drinking water distribution system nitrification.
Relative contribution of archaea and bacteria to nitrification in sediments of eutrophic freshwater lake and regulating factors of nitrification in eutrophic lakes.

Graduate Students
Expanded bed technology and nitrification of wastewater, particulate biofilm involved in nitrification, the effect of biofilm thickness on nitrification rates and nitrification of oil refinery wastewater.
Nitrification and overall nitrogen cycling in Arctic soils; diversity, ecophysiology and metabolism of ammonia-oxidizing archaea; general integration of microbial population dynamics/activity and ecosystem functioning.
Anammox and denitrification. Nitrous oxide production via nitrification. Nitrification/denitrification pathways.
Interested on constructed wetlands to remove nitrogen using different water levels.
Tigray Water Bureau
Nitrogen removal through biological wastewater treatments, anaerobic nitrification, ANAMMOX.
Nitrification of high-strength ammonia wastewater, genomics of nitrification, and agronomic use of nitrified effluents.
Molecular ecology of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea; evolution of some genes related to nitrification.
The impact of nitrification on the formation of regions of hypoxia in Lake Erie.
Microbial ecology of nitrifying activated sludge wastewater treatment, nitrifying biofilters in recirculating aquaculture systems.
Low temperature nitrification, selection of AOB and/or NOB reactor operation segregation of bioaggregates and suspended biomass biofilms.
Microbial ecology of nitrifiers using moleculat tools like FISH,DGGE, cloning etc.
Works related to heterotrophic nitrification and denitnrification in aquaculture systems.
Molecular analysis of nitrogen transformation microorganisms like Anammox, AOB and AOA in various environments.
Nitrification under environmental stress.
Soil nitrification (soil ammonia-oxidizing archaea).
Nitrogen metabolism of Methane Oxidizing Bacteria.
Physiology of ammonia and methane oxidizing bacteria.
Biochemistry of nitrifying bacteria.
Nitrous oxide emitters from tropical peatlands
Nitrification using aerobic attached growth process.Interested in Rotating Biological Contactors.
Cochin University of Science and Technology
Nitrogen cycling in Aquaponics system.
Population interactions among and within AOA/AOB.
Anammox and AOA processes in mangrove wetland and coastal sediments.
The biogeochemical cycling of nitrogen.
Microbial nitrogen cycling in estuaries, molecular microbial ecology of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria, cultivation and physiology of ammonia-oxidizing archaea.
Environmental microbiology and microbial ecology. Ammonia-oxidizing archaeal community in the Great Lakes.
Microbial ecology and physiology of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria. Development of methods for rapid enrichment of nitrifiers.
Understanding the contribution of soil nitrification, denitrification and mineralization processes (microbial activities) to greenhouse gas production and the influence of environmental factors on the activity and structure of microbial communities.
Quorum sensing, biofilms, nitrification, nitric oxide, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, cell signalling.
Partial nitrification and nitrogen removal in Membrane-Aerated biofilm reactors. Characterization/control of biofilms for partial nitrification/nitrogen removal.
Metabolic interaction of amongst nitrifiers in a continuous culture. Nitrification ecology.
The use of nitrifying biomass to degrade estrogens and other emerging contaminants of concern. The effect of heterotrophic community changes on a nitrifying community.
The adaptation of oligotrophic ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) to low substrate conditions. Oligotrophic AOB interactions with co-enriched heterotrophic community members.
Microbial Ecology, Soil Science.
Shandong University
Nitrification in extreme environments, such as hyper arid soils and contaminated soils
Nitrification in polluted streams. Distribution and activity of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria within biofilm growing on submerged cobbles.
Microbial biogeochemistry, ammonia oxidation, competition for nitrogen, oceanography, stable isotope ecology, molecular microbial ecology.
Metabolism and physiology of ammonia oxidizing archaea.
Role of Nitrification in Pharmaceutical degradation.
Microbiology of nitrification, eco-physiology of marine nitrifying consortia, artificial microbial consortia, biological waste water treatment. Bioremediation.
Molecular microbial ecology of nitrifiers and denitrifiers in marine/brackish environments, isolation of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria.
Microbial ecology, interactions and metabolic pathways of ammonia-oxidizing archaea.
Anammox in the sediment and rhizosphere of paddy fields under different fertilization practices.
Molecular mechanism and physiology of chemolithotrophic aerobic ammonia-oxidizing bacteria; nitrifying processes in methane oxidzing bacteria.
Ecology of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria, ammonia-oxidizing archaea and anammox bacteria in wetlands.
Molecular microbial ecology of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea in biological nutrient removal systems, microbial biogeography, sustainable wastewater treatment processes.
Microbial interaction and ecology; ammonia oxidation in freshwater and sediment.