Steering committee:

The Steering Committee coordinates the activities of the Nitrification Network. Nitrification Network members are encouraged to contact the Steering Committee with comments, questions, or suggestions for additional activities.

Dan Arp
Oregon State University
Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genomics
Publications (

Martin Klotz
University of North Caroline at Charlotte
Physiology, Molecular Evol. & Gen., Genomics
Publications (

Jeanette Norton
Utah State University
Soil Science, Microbial Ecology

David Stahl
University of Washington
Microbial Ecology, Evolution and Systematics

Lisa Stein
University of Alberta
Physiology, Genomics, and Ecology

Bess Ward
Princeton University
Microbial Ecology, Oceanography, Geochemistry

The members represent the breadth of the disciplines that are relevant to nitrification. This breadth will continue and be enhanced as others are invited for membership in the Nitrification Network.

Membership in the Nitrification Network is open to all research scientists with 1) an interest in nitrification, 2) a willingness to accept the operating principles established by the group, and 3) a willingness to participate in one or more of the activities of the Nitrification Network. Membership is open to researchers from universities, national laboratories, and private industry who are at various stages of their careers (students, postdoctoral scholars, staff scientists, professors, etc.). Distribution of funds to members depends upon the activities in which the member participates, the extent of participation, and must fall within guidelines established by the NSF

Linkages to ecological research networks such as NEON (National Ecological Observatory Network) in the areas of biogeochemical cycling and microbial diversity will be formalized.

Given the importance of and the interest in nitrification, the establishment of this Nitrification Network will influence this important and growing field for years to come. Human resources will be influenced through increased collaboration and communication. Information-based resources will increase through the collaborative efforts of the Nitrification Network members.