Funded by the

Directorate for Biological Sciences,

Research Coordination Networks (RCN) in Biology

Duration of the Grant was from 2007 to 2011 with a no-cost extension to December 2013.
The NSF grant has expired.
The web site will still be used to disseminate News of the Nitrification Network.

    The objectives of the Nitrification Network are to coordinate research activities of the participants where multi-investigator proposals and projects are called for and to coordinate meetings of interest to members of the Nitrification Network and others in the field.

    The broader impacts of the Nitrification Network will be realized with the development of education materials for K-12 educators, undergraduate and graduate research experiences, workshops for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to develop skills necessary for cross-disciplinary research, enhanced diversity of the cadre of nitrification researchers, and provide resources to the community of nitrification researchers as well as to the scientific community at large and the public.

    1) The rapid pace of discovery in the field of nitrification,
    2) The number of large collaborative proposals ongoing and expected in the next few years,
    3) The environmental, agricultural, and economic importance of nitrification, and
    4) The value of nitrification as a model system for the study of mutualism and other basic biological processes in a variety of habitats.